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Local, Sustainable, and Humane

…these are the principal that Marvel Farms was founded on. We believe that the fewer the miles your food travels, the less impact it has on the environment. Fewer miles means less fuel consumed.
We have selected and own all of our breeding stock, and every bit of product that our farm sells is bred, raised, and transported by us. While that’s not the most economical route, it is the route that allows us to ensure that we are producing the absolute best for our community. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t consume or feed our family.


Everything we feed our animals is locally grown and milled with no hormones, antibiotics, growth accelerators or additives of any kind and it’s made to order for our farm.
We believe you are what you eat, but you are also what your food consumes. We also believe that their energy becomes our energy so we do our best to make sure they are filled with as much love, contentment, and happiness as we possibly can.


Here at Marvel Farms Ohio, we believe that farming practices that give back to the earth and provide safe havens for native wildlife are not only desirable, but vital to our earth. We believe in choosing animals that not only have instincts, naturally healthy immune systems, and the ability to breed, give birth, and raise their young with minimal interference but also the ability to live in a normal family environment.
Our males live with the females most of the year, rather thank being isolated and only be allowed to contact with their species for reproductive purposes. From start to finish, we try to align ourselves with nature as much as possible. This leads to happier animals, less stress on the land, and more positive energy contained in the final product.


Most of all we believe that farming should be kind and respectful. We believe in natural family structures where our mothers choose when to give birth, and when they are done nursing their babies.
We believe in giving them freedom of choice of were to eat, where to sleep, and where to play. We do not sacrifice their comfort for production or any other reason and respect for the animals that sustain us is our number one priority.
We know each of our animals by name, where they like to be scratched, and what their favorite treats are. Their feed is our recipe that is tailored to our animals and the way they live.

Marvel Farms Ohio is located on 8 acres in central Medina county. Our herd of heritage hogs has been hand picked from some of the best stock in the country, as has our herd of dual purpose Nubian Goats. Despite our commitment to locally sourced animals, we have had to travel states away at times to find animals that were raised in a way that fits with our philosophy.
Raising animals in highly managed environments has become the norm in this part of the country, to the detriment of not only the animals, but the environment and the farmers as well. Marvel Farms is committed to changing that. From our pigs comes some of the best tasting, most nutritious pork you can find, and from our goats comes not only milk which is used to feed the pigs, but chevon – a lean, extremely mild red meat.